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PTS provides full service protection of your home and business with Total Connect©:

  • Intrusion
  • Fire Systems
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Pool Alarms
  • Medical Pendants Alert Systems
  • Low Temperature sensors
  • High Water Alarms
  • Radio Backup telemetry
  • Remote Alarm Access
  • Thermostat Control Management
  • Remove Video Access
  • We monitor all types of systems, new and existing. If you are not considering intrusion protection:

    PTS emphasizes on Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection. Tragically, many lives have been lost because of little or no protection of a pending fire or a malfunctioning furnace. Please research on how CO is a silent, deadly killer. Here is where monitoring to a central station is imperative. Overcome by smoke or CO gas in your sleep, a local alarm will not wake you up or notify any first responders.

    Our Central Station (UL Listed) will assure that your home or business is safe, dispatching police or fire personnel 24/7. Anyone on your contact list will then be notified of a dispatch.

    Wireless or Hardwired System?

    As the name implies, hardwire systems are connected by wires that are strung through walls, floors, and ceilings. In contrast, wireless systems rely on radio communication links, eliminating the need for expensive wiring. As an added advantage, installers can place a sensor exactly where it is needed without drilling holes in your walls and ceilings or dismantling your baseboards and moldings to hide wire.

    There are pro's and con's for both. Wireless requires less wiring and time to install the system. Not all buildings are suitable for wireless, like steel commercial buildings. Hardwire systems don't require replacing batteries in transmitters ever so often. They are not dependant on radio propagation. Our Customer Service Specialist can discuss your options and determine what best suits your needs.

    Doors and Windows?

    The “cost vs protection” conundrum. If you have 20 or more windows, this can get quite expensive. A cost you may not want.

    Over all, every system is custom designed around many factors. Accessibility and vulnerability of certain areas must be considered in conjunction of the security needs of the individual or business. Motion sensors can be very cost effective in covering large areas. However, the perpetrator must be already inside for the unit to activate. After weighing in all the options, the only correct decision is the one you make and best suits your needs.