Elements for effective teamwork

Scott – possessing a degree in Electronics, he has held positions of installer, service, engineer, and manager.  PTS Security actually started in 1986 where a friend wanted a security alarm installed in her mom's home after her dad passed away. Already working full time in the field for 6 years, he saw in opportunity that companies failed to provide. Quality of workmanship and customer service. Word of mouth spread until PTS was incorporated Sept 2000.

Michele – obtained a degree in business where she held the position of office manager for a small alarm company, Home Technologies in Monroe, CT.  Responsibilities included programming and downloading security systems and technical support. Her extraordinary attention to detail kept this small business going until it sold out to a corporation. 

Scott and Michele - they met at her former place of business and was married the following year in 2001. They both operate PTS Security in harmony and live quietly in Monroe, CT. Their compassion for their customers and quality of workmanship is their standard mode of operation. Their clients are  just like family. They understand what is like to be a customer.  Bringing the latest technologies and innovations, PTS sets the bar far above any other alarm company for the last 20 years.