FAQ if I may

How long have you been in business?

PTS is incorporated in Sept of 2000 and we are coming up to our 20 year celebration! 

Are you licensed?

Connecticut licensed L5-185281. We are also bonded and insured.

What area do you cover?

Connecticut only. Specifically Fairfield and New Haven Counties

What are your rates?

Running around $24.95 for basic monitoring.  Additional services like cell radio communication will be an additional cost. Multiple accounts are discounted.

Is there an app for that?

Oh, most definitely YES. We have the latest technology, remote arming, cameras, fire sensors, CO detectors, medical alert, and environmental sensors. We have an app for that.

How long are your contracts?

If you provide great service, why would a company need a long term contract? Our terms and conditions are renewable every three months. You may cancel anytime.